The season of the Lord's HARVEST
The Year 5778 / 2018
8= New Beginnings / 18 = Life

Rosh Hashanah highlights the centrality of the soil in human life. The Hebrew word for soil/earth is Adamah ((אדמה, a metaphor of humility. It combines the Hebrew word for a human-being (אדמ, Adam) – which is also the name of the first human-being – and the Hebrew letter ה (life), which is an abbreviation of God, the Creator. The Hebrew word Adam (אדמ) contains the Hebrew word for blood (דמ), the liquid of life, and is the acronym of the Biblical Abraham (אברהם), David (דוד) and Moses (משה), three role models of humility.

'God has captured your prayers and tears in a scroll or book of remembrance and these books are now being reconciled in Heaven. God has not forgotten your requests nor the things that He has promised you.

Rosh  will be the start of a great reconciliation of things forgotten. This is going to be a rebirthing time for many people. Personal revival and refreshment is coming to those who have persevered through the storm.'
The change that is coming will cause those who love to be promoted to new levels. Loving is God’s greatest commandment and His love is a gift we can give and receive. Many have abandoned love and have allowed hatred to enter their hearts. God is going to bring a change and release new levels of His love for people.

2018 is an important year because it is a time of realignment for the coming revival. God is moving on people who have been wounded or rejected by Christianity or considered outcasts by the current church.

There are over a billion people who are ripe and ready for this new move. 
Prophetic Word by Doug Addison

So Beloved of the Lord are you ready to move from preparation to purpose? Apostle Dr. Franca